Many many questions (with video)

The streaming function is very slow,
and the song playback often shows that TIDAL/QOBUZ does not have this song
Cannot delete the album added to the library
QOBUZ has added more than 1,000 albums to the database,
most of which have been lost
Tried to restore the backup
Even if it recovers now, it will be lost again soon

These problems happen when I install ROCK OS using NUC nuc8i7beh
If I change CORE to WIN10 PC, there is no problem
How to solve it

Do both machines use the same(!) DNS server(s)?

Can you assign (Google)?

Your Roon is still working on scaning your library / drive. Check the spinning circle on the upper right corner of your screen.

He will keep turning and the song library will not come back

Thank you, I have tried but still can’t solve it

Something stranger happened again
Earlier QOBUZ’s albums in the database disappeared again
Suddenly there were more than a hundred more copies just now, and half of them were repeated