Many Performances same Composition

I have many performances of Brahms #2 Piano Concerto, some from files some from Tidal. Under “composers” Brahms in Roon only 7 out of the 15 performances show up. Why?

Hard to tell without more details.

Find one that doesn’t show up and show us the Album Details page as a screen shot.

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When I select a performance of Brahms 2nd Piano Concerto from Tidal to add to my library it does not show up under Brahms in the composer search of Roon. I have 9 versions some local files some Tidal but only 7 show up in Roons Brahms 2nd piano concerto search. Two versions from Tidal do not show up in Roon? Thank you.

Screen shots are needed to diagnose this sort of problem with any accuracy.

But it sounds like the albums are not identified and Roon is falling back on dodgy Tidal metadata. Have you tried identifying the two albums? If that proves not possible, you can edit the track metadata in Roon to make them close enough for Roon to list them together.

Screen shots of what?

As I said above:

Here are two

The simple answer is that TIDAL does not have track or composition level composer information and we have been unable to equivalence these two albums with any albums (if they exist) from our other metadata providers where there is composer information.

There are two possibilities for you to try here:

  1. Attempt to see if there is better metadata for these albums via the manual album identification wizard.
  2. Add in Brahms as composer to the relevant tracks as an edit (within Roon).