Mapping to Internal Storage in ROCK

So, for those of you with internal storage working on ROCK, how do you map your existing database to it? Does it appear as mounted drive when you browse your existing/disabled storage device?

So, is the “Music Folder” equal to “InternalStorage” in ROCK?

It would appear so; at least here.

Hi @fritzg

your Internal Drive is exposed as Music Folder per default. I simply removed (the before with ROCK formatted) internal 2TB drive and copied all my music to it and build it back in. Worked. I also copied a new album via smb to this drive after that.

What I am trying to figure out is how this is done with internal storage in ROCK.

“Once your new storage device or path is up and running, go back to the same menu in the Storage tab of Settings, and click Edit”

If you have 1 Internal Drive (Not your System-SSD!) then this is your Music Folder. You have nothing to choose there, just enable your Music Folder (if disabled) then your music on the internal drive is connected.

If you have a USB Drive connected to ROCK, simply go to Roon Settings -> Storage -> Browse, there you will find your external Drive and could choose more Music Folders from this Drive at will. I think this would be the same if you have a second internal drive, i didn’t have a second internal drive, but i will add one over time to my ROCK (which is a ASRock Deskmini 100).

Yeah, I get how that works. But I’m trying to follow the directions above so Roon doesn’t re-identify all the added albums and treats them as new, but rather sees the music on the internal storage as merely a new location.

with internal storage, you dont need to remap/edit – it just does that automatically

Yep. Worked well.

sorry. new to this. please clarify how to move my music from an external SSD that is connected to the NUC-ROCK to the internal SSD that will be used for music. I only have one internal SSD for music (the OS is on the M.2).

In setting->storage I see the music folder and understand from above that this is my internal SSD. I see my external SSD connected by USB and it has my music folder that I made in Roon on my desktop (Mac) over the weekend while I ordered a NUC for a core.

I’ve tried to follow the directions referenced above by first disabling the file pointing to my external SSD, then edit but when I click browse I’m not given an option for the “music” folder. I only see my external SSD.

thanks for redirecting me.

You do need to stop Roon from watching the external SSD whilst you move the music over to internal storage. So the way to move the files is by using another PC. The File Explorer in Windows should be able to see both storage spaces on your ROCK device, so use this to move the files from one to the other. This method should also work for Macs (but I don’t have a Mac to check this).

I hope that your internal SSD is an additional 2.5" device in your NUC, and you are not talking about the system M.2 SSD? The latter will get reformatted if ever Roon is reinstalled, so it’s not a good idea to use it for music storage.

Thanks Geoff. This worked. (Yes, it’s a 2.5 ssd in the NUC).

I can confirm that this works fine on Mac OS X 10.12.6. Rock appears in the finder as a mounted disk. Just click down to the Rock->Data-> Storage->InternalStorage subdirectory and drag and drop your music files into it.

EDIT: Sorry it was misleading to say that ROCK appears as a mounted disk. It appears as a folder named DATA among the networked or “Shared” items. Open that folder and there are a set of standard and folders among them is InternalStoage in which the Music Folder is strored.


Geoff -

“You do need to stop Roon from watching the external SSD whilst you move the music over” - do you do this from the web page? Once Roon is stopped can windows still see the Core? What I’m saying is the NUC isn’t turned off, it’s still powered on just Roon is not running - correct?

Yes - from the web page. In the Roon Server Software section, click on the down arrow on the “Restart” button. That reveals the “Stop” button. Click that to stop the server.

The Roon Operating System will still be running, so Windows can still see the Core for you to copy your music across to the internal storage.

BTW, it’s only necessary to stop the server if you’re doing a mass copy. You can leave it running if you’re just adding a couple of ripped CDs

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Thanks, Geoff. Yes, moving my entire library from NAS to internal storage (decided it’s better for me over USB storage (I have a plan for database backup)).

Thank you, you really answered that well.

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