Marantz PM-7000N Amp?Dac

I Run Roon with Roon Nucleus to my new Marantz PM-7000N amp/dac.

The devices are connected on my Wired Network.

I have added the Marantz 7000n to my Roon Audio Device (shows Roon Tested device).

But when I play stored Music files from my Nucleus OR streamed Tidal tracks, the connection shows AirPlay Marantz 7000N.

My question is how to disable playing through AirPLay. I would like to play via Roon on my network.

Any suggestion?

Corey T

The Marantz only plays via Airplay with Roon via ethernet. Some models maybe able to connect via USB.

In order to play back via RAAT, the devices would have to be classified as Roon Ready which is a classification that means “network enabled” with Roon’s protocal. Marantz are only Roon Tested.

You could use a networked RPi running RoonBridge and a HAT, that either outputs thru RCA, Coax or Toslink and then connect that way to the Marantz.

Not sure if your Marantz’s DAC will be used tho.
If not then a DAC HAT will allow you to route the signal thru your Marantz.

Hmm, after reading the marketing prose for your Marantz, it seems to imply that one can use the USB input. In that case, a networked Rpi running RoonBridge and outputting thru the RPi’s USB port should work.

It looks like the Marantz doesn’t support USB input from the Nucleus. You probably could use a USB to Toslink adapter to go directly from the Nucleus to the Marantz which would use RAAT. Otherwise, Slim’s method will work too.

Hi Guys

Thanks for all your suggestions. Will look into it and go from there.

How much loss of sound quality from the current Airplay Roon connection to:

  1. Roon via Network
  2. Roon via USB B


Loss? You’ve got that backwards. Airplay is really poor in SQ.

You’ll be happy to realize that either Roon via Network or USB (both are equal in SQ, IMO) is a step up.