Maria Callas Live Recordings

How have you guys (and lasses) organized this massive box set download?
I have changed the folder structure back and forth and think I have come back to the original look:

But, in Roon this is a fecking mess, with all the albums having the same cover and title… :frowning:

Ideas? (None of the 42 CDs are identified correctly, as part of a massive download.

That is a major shortcoming of Roon that is covered extensively in many posts around large boxsets. As far as I am concerned, that is the one improvement if I would have to choose only one.

Mikael, I do not own this box set, but in similar situations, I select and merge all of the CDs into a single album.

Good news: all 42 CDs are represented by a single cover in your album view.

Bad news: all 42 CDs are represented by a single cover in your album view. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Christophe_Lambinet & @John_V,
I am well aware of the shortcomings in handling box sets, just curious whether someone has been able to trick Roon into a more manageable display.

If I want to listen to Maria Callas performing Aida from the live recordings cannot select the correct discs in Roon, they cannot be identified by composition or anything.

I know. I have that boxset too. I have just merged it into one album wishing for Roon to come with sthg better with individual CD names and cover. Not an easy one to solve though as in a boxset, you may have 2 or 3 cd’s that are indeed only one album.

I use playlists and bookmarks for such large box sets. First I make playlists from albums of my choice. Than bookmark each playlist. Not ideal but workable for me.

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