Mark albums as "checked and disliked" possible?


how can I mark albums as checked and disliked?
Yes, I can set a heart for an album that I like or plan to buy, but I also want to indicate albums that I have heard and evaluated as bad, so that I see immediately which album I would/should ignore in the future. Sometimes (half year later) I taste a album again and then I remember “oh, no, it is not well”. I want to avoid to check such album again…

After you click the heart to favor the album, click it again and it will be disliked.

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Thanks. In the albums list (where we see the covers) I don´t see the dislike heart.

That’ not “dislike”, it’s ban, i.e., prevent playing in Radio. You may fare better creating custom tags for your purpose, and then creating a custom view with Focus and bookmarking that.

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Good idea. It sounds like a workaround. I would like to see both evaluations in the same albums list, good and bad albums.

I guess. I assumed when one dislikes something, they also don’t want to play it, and the ban mark also tells one that the album has been evaluated.

Well if you need to mark them then they have to be in your library. Might as well make a ‘Dislike’ tag and just tag them as well as ban them. Tagging them also allows easy selection for a mass delete.

True, but if they are deleted, then one can’t (at some future date) remember that the album has already been evaluated and rejected, which would seem to defeat the OP’s purpose,

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Thanks for your answers!

Yes, it is a problem to get the hearts on the songs level only when I marked the album as being part of my library before. I see the albums of Qobuz listed and I want to declare those albums that I checked earlier as bad for my taste, so that I will not waste my time to check it later again. Currently there don´t seem to be a comfortable, simple solution for that.