Mark as Read by Scrolling or Visiting

Is there a way to mark anything that I have seen as read, once I visit the topic or simply scroll o the web page past it?

I know that there is a Dismiss, but it’s additional clicks, especially when I am going into a topic that I am watching or tracking.

If you’re reading posts that are tracked, use rather than latest. When using new you can quickly scan and dismiss a new post. Those you’ve read are automatically marked as read and won’t show gain unless you set a flag or exceed the auto-track duration.

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Thanks, Martin. So, here is what I am trying to solve for…

I have a few topics that I track/watch on Roon Communities, and when I read updates in those topics, I then have to go back and dismiss the fact that it still shows as Unread.

I want this to happen automatically because I have visited the topic and have scrolled all the way to the bottom and have seen everyone’s comments.

Besides this, I generally review NEW to see what community members are posting, but those are easy to manage, since generally I open in a new tab any topic that I am interested in and Dismiss all others with a single click.

This should not happen, so I wonder if you’ve got strict privacy settings set in your browser.


I checked some settings, but I can’t see what may be causing it in browser settings. Thanks for your time.

It isn’t a behavior I have either. I would be looking too if it were happening.

Does it respond differently in a different browser?

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It appears that it is a browser issue. Using Firefox on Mac, I noticed that the behavior is not the same, and when I visit a topic and exit it, it no longer shows as unread persistently. :blush:

So, I have to figure out what setting in the Vivaldi browser is causing the issue that I am facing.


So, I messed around with some privacy settings in Vivaldi and now everything works as expected.

Thank you so much for your input, everyone. :pray: :raised_hands:


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