Marketing posts

Is there a way to turn off all these sales and marketing posts that I see on this forum from roon?


Most probably not.

I see them extremely rarely, how often do they appear for you? I don’t think there is an option in the forum but would guess adblock software can remove them

I see Roon’s sales marketing on everyone of my posts and in the forum they are after every 5 posts.

Very annoying.

I see them like twice a year, and then only one banner, usually at the top of the page or once between posts. Last time was with the ARC release promotions in fall, I think.

I see them frequently as well. It seems I’m seeing them more now than in the past.

I see them every 10 post. Not a problem. It is Roon’s forum after all. They now have a store that sells stuff. Just don’t read the blue post if you don’t want to see them.

I guess my adblocker must be taking care of them. The www has become unusable without one, anyway

I keep accidentally touching the dang things on my iPad. :confounded:

Agree. First thing I do on a new computer is install uBlock Origin.