Mash-up of Vladimir and Victor Yampolsky?

Hi @support,

This Vladimir Yampolsky (piano) often accompanied the famous David Oistrakh (violin).

However, roon is mashing him up with a much younger violinist of the same name:

I am not sure who this is. It might be Victor Yampolsky who was a violinist and was the son of Vladimir Yamplsky. So the artist entry might be a mash-up of Vladimir and Victor.

Hi @tripleCrotchet,

We looked into this and the information for this artist appears to be fine except for the image being used. We’ve reached out to our metadata provider requesting they make a change.

Hi @dylan,

On my roon this Yampolsky also gets a “Classical/Violin” role, when it should be piano and/or keyboard.

Hi @tripleCrotchet,

We heard back from our metadata provider about this. Regarding the image, they removed the incorrect one, however, they were not able to find an official image to replace it with so there will be no image for this artist from our provider at this time.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here, along with what albums you have from this artist?

Hi Dylan,

I have actually already edited this artist. But when I reverse all edits I get this:

As you can see there is a picture of a young man with a violin and a genre of Classical/Violin. There is not much information but the birth date and the death date (54 years ago) is correct. The reason I say this is a mashup is because Vladimir Yampolski had a violin player son whose name was Victor Yampolski who was a student of the famous violinist David Oistrakh whose father Vladimir Yampolski was famous for accomanying (on the piano). That is too much of a coincidence for me. For example, Vladimir Yampolski accompanies David Oistrakh on this album:

But also on many others. For example Qobuz and Tidal:

I am not sure where the genre of Classical/Violin for the piano player Vladimir Yampolski came from. It may be just a coincidence that it looks like one of mine and does actually come from the meta-data suppliers. But I would not have added it to the artist Vladimir Yampolski. I would have added it to albums with David Oistrakh that he was accompanying. I frequently add this genre to albums of Violin works but I would be very confused if roon propogates that through to all artists on an album regardless of whether they are violin players or not.

There is not much artist information available on the internet but I just used the pic on Discogs.

I assume this is in the public domain? Not the best but I would expect to at least end up with something like this: