Master Bedroom Setup Help. New project!


I am in search of a Master Bedroom Audio system, I am thinking in the following:

  • Chord Mojo-Poly as Streamer (Roon), DAC and Pre-Amp. I know it works on battery, but the amount of time the equipment will be on will be less than 2 hours per week ,the rest of the time I’ll take the Mojo Poly with me to my office.

  • Dynaudio BM5MKiii or Lyd 8 as active speakers

I don’t care to plug in the TV as I have a sounder for it.

Does anyone have tried this before? Is it a crazy idea?



I would look at some of the Elac offerings.

Both the Roon Ready Alchemy DDP-2 and the powered Navis speakers.

Also, a TEAC NT-505 is a choice.

@Slim_Fishguttz thanks for your feedback, I am checking the Navis and look really nice, and have AB amplifiers, might be a good choice as well. For the streamer and DAC is set with the Chord Mojo, as is amazing and I already have it. I don’t know if Elac has a distributor in Mexico, but I will read more about them, thanks again!

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The Mojo is well liked. The Poly, not so much. It had absolutely craptacular firmware at launch, and you need to be running the latest for it to have a semblence of working. It also has a craptacular Wi-Fi chip, and even with the most current firmware, has random drops. I have a Hugo2Go setup, and get random drops on Wi-Fi with it as well. Main reason I went with the more expensive setup is the 2Go also has an Ethernet port, and that has been rock solid for me. I have switches in every room of the house, so it still works as a “transportable” headphone rig regardless of which room I am in.

For similar money to the Mojo+Poly, you could get a Raspberry Pi with one of the various analog hats, or just get one of the Audioquest Dragonflys to use as the DAC/pre-amp. If Wi-Fi is important to you, I would recommend an RPi4 (even just the 1GB version – you don’t need anything more for Roon Bridge to run) as it’s got a better Wi-Fi chip and the USB bus setup is also better. Then use RoPieee as your RPi OS and Bob’s your uncle… You can also still use the Dragonfly for your “on the go” requirement, abiet wired via a USB pigtail instead of wireless.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Yeah, I thought about the Poly as I already have it, but yes, I also have an RPi3 and have put Roon Bridge in the past, but didn’t remember that as an option. In fact I would have ethernet connection (at home I have one or more ethernet connections), then I wouldn’t need to rely on WiFi (I have a mesh network, and was thinking to put the Access Point besides the Ploy), but I really like a lot more your idea of using an RPi!!! I haven’t used it for years, so, can you point me on the latest trend to use an RPi3 as a Roon Bridge please? @cwichura thanks!!

I already did. Use RoPieee.

I forgot to mention that I saw a video in which the Mojo’s battery can be disconnected in order to have it 24/7 on, maybe that is the ultimate pair!! RPi3 with AC Mojo!

I waited until the new Poly firmware was released before purchasing a few months ago (I already had the Mojo) and it’s been rock solid with Roon around the house.

It’s compact and sounds great and is ideal for the bedroom as there are no trailing cables. You could pull together a Raspberry Pi plus lithium battery pack and use this with the Mojo. It works but it’s a little bulky and you can’t slip it in your pocket to move around the house.

With lockdown I’ve not used the Poly/ Mojo on the go very much but have had good results with Glide and Rigelian. For Tidal streaming MPD doesn’t seem to work so used mConnect.

I also have the latest Poly firmware, and I really like it very much. Nevertheless, the best and solid connection will be Ethernet, so RPi sounds great, I have installed RoPieee (still loading for the first time as I write so I haven’t been able to test it yet). I will buy the Display to check how Roon interface looks. So I think for the streaming DAC, pre-amp part I’m covered. I’m wondering about the speakers, Dynaudio seems to accept analog signal then using DSP for room correction and so on, and Elac Navis are completely analog active speakers. Do you know of any other brand I might check? I’m leaning towards active speakers, as real estate is scarce at my bedroom (also my wife doesn’t want so many equipments)…