Match all / match any

After the new 783 release, where some display problems have been solved, i can finally have a look at the 1.8 roon.

basically, the one new feature is the addition of AND / OR logic in the focus.
but… it does not work.


as i selec “match any”, i expect as a result all jazz OR dylan albums…
while here i get only the jazz AND dylan one.
if i change in “match all” nothing changes.

what i get here is that the selection all/any works just inside one filter, so between genres, or performers.
for example, jazz AND rap

jazz OR rap

another example, with performers, zorn AND diamanda galas

zorn OR galas

but implementing the AND/OR logic only inside one category, in my opinion, is not very… logical.

for example, it would make really sense to search (focus) for all albums where dylan is a performer OR composer OR producer. wouldn’t it?
or i could look for albums that are between the top 1000 played OR played in the last month.

i think that the overall tool has not been “rebuild”… but just “patched”…

i’ve read of some inconsistencies in the AND/OR logic when using tags, but i still have to inspect them…

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It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Perhaps the overall complexity has overwhelmed the staff. It might be time for a complete cohesion/coupling review of the architecture.

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I have the same problem. ‘Match all / Match any’’ worked in 2020 and now does not work once a second tag is thrown into the mix. No difference between the two modes’ results - defaults to “Match any”, it would appear. Not clear as to why previous (rather core) functionality is lost with upgrades.