Matrix Audio element X

Just want to share my element X as a Roon Endpoint, rock solid so far. I use it exclusively as a headphone amp near my couch, so everything is done through WiFi, my router is less than 15 feet away using 5 GHz connection, no dropping of signal whatsoever with all the materials I have.


Can you select output between RCA and XLR for Preamp? I plan to connect Element X to 2 system, 2 preamp. Thanks

XLR & RCA are combined into one selection, the other two are Balanced or Unbalanced headphone output.

I mean, I can connect RCA to Preamp 1, another XLR to Preamp 2. I can switch between 2 Preamp?

I think both outputs are active, but not sure.

Yes both outputs (XLR+RCA) are active at the same time. You can select output, though: XLR+RCA, Balanced Headphones (1 4pin XLR stereo or 2 (L+R) x 3 pin XLR), or Unbalanced Headphones (6.35 jack, two set of stereo outputs. Headphone output can be set as low or high gain. Maybe you could use the 2x3 pin XLR headphone feature to connect another preamp? Not sure… You can check specs here

XLR and RCA are active all the time in all Matrix Audio devices. You only lose output from XLR and RCA when you plug in a headphone, at least that was with my mini-i Pro 3. I sold mine after getting the X-SABRE 3 + Topping A90 Combo.

Thanks everyone.