Matrix Audio mini-i 3 Pro certification progress?

When? This product is fantastic… with one big flaw: not ready to Roon Ready. Red mark, no chance to work now. All element series have certificate, this one bad luck. Its not only DAC (works flawless) but also streaming device, but…


When all the criteria are met it will be certified. Roon do not comment on certification progress only when it’s passed. It’s a two way process between manufacturer and Roon.

Matrix know how to do this so if they say it’s coming then just be patient. The present global situation is causing the whole process to slow down I suspect.

Apparently Matrix announced the latest firmware they shipped to Roon has passed certification. So I guess it’s just a little wait for that to get rolled out now and Roon to add it to the official support.

It is there and sounds perfect as a roon-ready endpoint. Now, I am satisfied.

You have to connect to internet and make a firmware upgrade.