Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 not Roon Ready

Hello together,

I bought a Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 which is advertised as a Roon Ready device. Even a sticker with this info is on the device.

But since September 2020, there is a certification ongoing and no updates are available. How is this with other devices of this manufacturer?

I am wondering, why there is no subcategory for Matrix Audio in this forum. Is there a reason?

Maybe there is not even a chance to get this device ever running as Roon Ready with Roon?

Thank you for more infos.

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There a number of Matrix Audio products that are fully Roon Ready and certified. They are a relative new partner with not a huge userbase. Just because it had no section in the forum is not an indication of their products support of Roon. I am sure we can ask the @moderators to create a thread for them?

As for the Mini-i Matrix released this as Roon where changing their policy and released it with unfinished Roon code as the device was still under going certification. Before September many devices kept getting released with this type of unfinished code that was causing harm to Roons reputation and caused more support requests. So they now will not authorise any non certified device to work until it passes certification. This device is currently in the certification process and will eventually get through I am sure like all their other products. This does however take time, is a two way process between the Manufacturer and Roon. Roon will not comment on it either until it’s finished. So just be patient and I am sure it will come.

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A extra category would be great, so I think, more people would buy these good devices because they will look first in the roon community. The Quality seems to be great at Matrix Audio products.

Software: As I told in my other post, I will now have to wait. That you are relatively sure, calms me down a bit. A safe and exact certification process takes more time and finally, it will be better for the end user, when the hardware works fine, also fine with roon.

Thank you very much @CrystalGipsy :wink:

Hi Manuel, how are you getting on with your Pro3 and Roon? I know there was a firmware update at the end of September, which looks like it addressed some Roon related issues. Thinking of investing in one myself, so if you have any further thoughts on it’s operation and sound quality that would be great.


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Hi Pete,

The device has a superior haptical quality, is built rock solid and sounds great. The software is the problem … if I may give you an advice: Wait until it is certified for Roon. I had to do so, too, but I was in a hurry ^^

Thanks @El_Manu
I have taken the plunge anyway. It seems Matrix have done the work and are ready for recertification in the new year.

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Hi @El_Manu,

The #audio-products:matrix-audio category has been created!


For what it’s worth to anyone considering a purchase, I have a Matrix Element X and love it. I use it with my Hifiman Susvara (with a Cayin iha6 for extra amplification). It’s very clean. (And Roon Ready.)

It has a coloured display, shows the album data, is also mqa ready, is very nice to look at because of a new design …
For me it is the nicest device of MA currently.

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Thank you very much!

My Pro3 arrived today, I have plugged it directly into the ROCK. Whist Roon can’t see it as an approved device, it seems to work fine. Sounds great too! However It won’t play nice when grouped with a Mojo plugged into the same ROCK. After 30 seconds of playback it begins to break up, while the Mojo just keeps working. Further investigation necessary, hopefully timing issues will be solved with Roon Certification…


Very cool. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
I like the Mini-I … it is a really worthy built and sounding device.

I had to disable MQA unfolding for mini in the advanced settings tab in order to get it to play in the same zone as mojo. It is still a few milliseconds behind mojo tough, but, at least it works. MQA is not stable in grouped zone on some tracks for me.

What firmware version do you have on your unit?

Mini-I Pro 3 at C313B6 here

I think, the solution is there. I updated my firmware and now, everything works. The sound is even better now than before. Very nice :slight_smile:

Yep, here’s part of an email I received from Apos Audio…