Matrix mini-i Pro 3 - Live Radio won't stream

ROCK on NUC 8i5 running 1159
Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 - latest firmware
Both connected to same router via ethernet.

Since update to 1159 the following status is observed:

Radio Stations will not play through the Pro 3 (mp3 or AAC streams).

Roon controller activates the Pro 3 then this happens:

Roon controller indicates that the Pro 3 is playing.
Pro 3 display states “not playing”
No movement of time counter in roon controller
No Audio

Then, a cycle loop occurs:
Roon controller indicates that the stream is “stopped”
Pro 3 displays the Radio Station in the display and states “Streaming”
No movement of time counter on Pro 3 display
No Audio

After this the Pro 3 is essentially frozen and power off / on required.

Non of this happens if playing music files from local library or qobuz / tidal, all is fine.
MP3 from local library play fine.
Same result regardless of controller used:
Imac - v2 1159 early access
huawei mate 10 pro - v2 1149 early access

If I enable Imac optical out or use a topping d10b on USB with optical out to the Pro 3, then radio stations play fine out the Pro 3.
Enabling Pro 3 via Airplay also allows live radio to stream as normal.

Issue is specific to Roon Ready / RAAT on Pro 3

All other zones in the house play radio stations normally.
This includes a Matrix Element M.

Pro 3 is on latest firmware.

Anybody else with a Pro 3 able to reproduce this?

no problems here:
ROCK on NUC connected thru LAN with mini-i Pro 3

Sorry; if I can test something else in order to help, I am ready :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply.
This issue was “temporary” and live radio on pro3 is back to normal as of last week.
Not sure why it stopped working for a while, glitch in the matrix i guess.

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@moderators please close this thread. Issue resolved.