Matrix Mini i3 Pro reporting volume as type "number" instead of "db"

With the RoonReady Matrix Mini i3 i get 'volume': {'type': 'number'} instead of 'volume': {'type': 'db'} from the Roon API.

The Matrix Mini uses a dB-scale (from -127,5 to 0) and shows dB on the unit itself.

Also in Roon itself it doesn’t show a value + dB but only the value (screenshot).

Roon earlyaccess build 1155
Matrix Mini i3 Pro on latest firmware

Scherm­afbeelding 2022-11-22 om 10.03.01

Edit: right core version

I’ve moved your post into the #early-access category. If you are running early access builds, please report issues in this category. Thanks.

Hi @Geoff_Coupe it’s not a specific earlyaccess issue. Has always been like this on the Matrix Mini i3 (even before i joined earlyaccess). Was just wanting to show i’m on latest version. It’s more of a bug-report.

Hi, @jmvdv, thank you for the report, I will forward this info to our dev team.



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I’ve noted this too on the same device for the longest time…at least a year

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