Max Number of Filters in Convolution

New Roon user here and I’ve been having a tough time finding out how many individual filters I am safe using from REW for a Roon Convolution filter. Oddly, I thought I read somewhere that it was 16 but I can’t find that reference now.
I’m using 18 EQ filters in REW now for a 2db match to target and imported the set of .wav files into a Convolution filter setting in Roon. My processing speed in Roon is 50x with 24/192 FLAC 2 paths 124k taps so I’m ok there. Any advice on this much appreciated.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Sorry, but could the 16 have had to do with the number of individual parametric filters you can manually set in roon?

AFAIK there are no limits on EQ numbers if you create a wav convolution filter from the output of REW. I guess REW has some limit for how many EQ bands you can use, but a convolution file counts as one.
The nice thing with Roon’s DSP engine is that one can add several convolution instances on the same stream - for example one that corrects amplitude (frequency response) and another that does time alignment and x-over phase correction.
I use Audiolense XO where amplitude and time is done in one file (or actually six, one for each sample rate up to 192kHz)
You may be right that 16 is max individual EQ entries you can set in Roon. I’ve never tried. 3-4 is what I usually use in addition to convolution.

Thx for the response. I have only modified frequency response so far but am going to try Rephase for phase correction. I’m reading Toole’s book and trying to decide what is really feasible to correct with DSP.