Max Richter Sleep Remixes - no remix info

Never posted here before because I’m not really into metadata, but I came across this because I was looking for the Marconi Union remix of a max richter track.

On deutschegrammophon (among other places) you get who remixed what. Via Roon, all tracks appear to have the same credits, so it’s impossible to see who did the remixes.

I’m getting the album from Tidal.

Also the track list seems to be getting grouped a little oddly.
(The sleep 13 at 5:53 long is Marconi Union if anyone’s interested)

metadata for that album are a mess indeed :rage:
even the full 8 hours version is uselessly listed as a 31 parts “work” with each track as a “movement” :rolling_eyes:

I just told Roon to use metadata from my files, but if you’re taking it from Tidal… :neutral_face: