Max upgrades to Nucleus+ (RevB)

Dear Guys,

I would like to buy a nucleus +.

Im running my core actually on a qnap NAS ts-451+ with 16gb ram.
Performance is OK with room for improvement in terms of response and speed of search.

I would like to know, what are the max possible upgrades to a Nucleus +

  1. Ram
  2. System Disk holding OS and Database
  3. Storage Disk holding Music files…

Thanks for your input…


Ram: 32GB

  • 16GB is usually the highest one can possibly use (you need like almost a million tracks to get there though), but the device supports up to 32GB.

System disk: 4TB

  • it’s an M.2 NVMe drive that needs to updated Those come up to 4TB right now. Given that the only thing on this disk is the operating system and the Roon Database, any more than 256GB is just throwing away money, and 128GB (what’s currently shipping) will only become a problem around a million tracks.
  • We have to do this work, it can’t be done in the field due to how the operating system is installed.

Internal Storage: 8TB

  • They don’t make them bigger in SSD. If you want to have a spinning disk, all 2.5" SATA drives are supported, including 15mm drives. Going super high capacity on spinning is pretty poor experience though, as random seeks are slow.

How big is your library (number of tracks)?

Hello Danny,

Thanks for the quick reply. Actually i have 101874 Tracks with 7837 Albums. Still growing as i am somehow addicted to collect and store Music which i like :slight_smile:

Yea, i think 32GB Ram might be bit overdone.

To be future proof for at least some years, i would like to have a Nucleus with:

Ram: 16GB
System disk: 500GB
Internal Storage: 8TB

Is there any way to order this setup right away or do i need to buy standard setup and upgrade by myself?

I’ll PM you.

Thank s a lot…

I am in a very similar situation and trying to figure out how to order Roon Nucelus plus. Have more than 8000+ Albums - Around 110000 tracks.

Danny - Some help here will be much appreciated. Can you PM me pls. Happy I stumbled upon this thread.

Another additional question is the NUC board used by Roon Nucleus + The Nuc 10 or latest to be future proof?

Checking on this.

Hi! I Think I need to upgrade my nucleus plus. I’m experiencing crushes every time I start looking into my library. The library is big 35.000 albums 420.000 songs and growing in a fast pace. There is not doubt in my mind that I need an upgrade of RAM. 16GB total or even 32GB total. My question is what exactly should I get? Is there a brand I should go for? What is recommended in this case? What am I looking at? Need some direction as I am not a tech guy… Thank you!!


Hi! Thank you! So this will not work… DDR4 16GB Transcend 3200 CL22 JetRam, JM3200HSE-16G I was planning to use two…

3200 will work, no prob.

Just remember to get 2x 8GB or 2x 16GB sticks (as opposed to 1x 16GB or 1x 32GB), as that would allow them to work in dual-channel mode, doubling the memory bandwitch.

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If they didn’t update in the last two years since posting…

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