Maximum sample rate for Squeezebox Touch?


I am having the same issue with my Transporter. Anyone find an answer? (I started a new post not that).


I am wondering if we have all misunderstood this setting. I clicked on the info sign next to max rate and it says that the max rate setting prevents Roon from streaming anything above what is set i.e. 48 kHz. If this setting is disabled, doesn’t that mean higher sample rates will stream?

I think I stumbled onto the answer. This is what Roon has to say:

[quote=Joel Roon Labs: Developer]
In short, Roon knows that the Transporter is not capable of >96k sample rates, so the sample-rate limiting options presented to you are “Disabled” and “48kHz”.[/quote]

There isn’t a thread, but I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that there is no issue running LMS and Roon in parallel as long as they are on different IP addresses in the same subnet.

I have a Boom and Radio that runs on LMS and a Transporter on Roon.

I do this on my Mac mini.