Maybe asked and answered?

I would like to ask if you have an a page or glossary in the community that explains all of the the abbreviations with respect to hardware and USB type connectors and the rest. I am at a loss for most of the discussions that go on here because I am not that sharp when it comes to the the rapid fire use of the technical terminology. Also I have Room core on my iMac and Blusound as my endpoint. I really hate having to fire the iMac up overtime I want to use Roon. Can I use a Mac Mini with Room core and endpoint still being the Blusound Vault II and operate it using my iPad or iPhone? Or is this the dumbest question ever posed?

Fix your autocorrect. :grinning: Roon core or Roon server running on a Mac mini will serve, no pun intended, you just fine.

As for a glossary google is your friend.

The Roon Knowledge Base has a Glossary of Roon related terminology. For general audio or computing abbreviations Google is very good, just throw it some context such as audio or computers and it generally gets things right.

Also, feel free to ask. The Forum exists to help people and discuss Roon. It’s no fun otherwise !

Thank you so much for your reply. … So I have the Roon Core on this iMac How does
one put the core onto the mini without losing all of the data…Tidal… iTunes etc. ? Now I
am admitting how unpreared I am to do this.


Moving to a different computer is pretty simple. You install the software on the new Mac as per your example. You backup the Roon database on the old computer and restore that database on the new one. During this you will transfer your license to the new machine and Roon will be moved.

This is a fast overview and the Roon Knowledge Base covers these processes.

As far as your music that is a bit more complex and really depends upon where and how your music is stored. Apple should have info on how to move iTunes data to another Mac.

Tidal is all in the cloud and the setting will go with your database transfer.

You might be able to find a computer person locally to help you with some of this stuff if you are having trouble.

It sounds like Roon might not be your only playback tool (iTunes mentioned). That of course might be beyond some of the advice you will find here.

If you are running Mac mini without a display / keyboard there are several issues there that have to be dealt with. You will still have to manage macOS on that computer and all the software updates, etc. There is OS optimization to be considered for improved playback sound quality.

The project is not hard but there are a LOT of considerations.


Whoah Bob, Thanks so much. I read where you could in effect run an hdmi out from the mini to a
Television. and using a wireless keyboard and mouse to set up the mini. Being headless that would be
a temporary help yes?
OS optimization sounds uber technical and I guess I’ll have to find threads regarding
that part of setup. I am total novice as I’m sure you notice, but this seems like a friendly group
of people here and it seems less scary to forge ahead. one question, would you back Roon data on
thumb drive?

Have you considered Rock on a NUC or even easier a Nucleus?