MC200 as storage for Roon

I am a very happy user of Roon. It makes Sooloos redundant.
I exported the content of my MC200 to a MacMini which acts as a storage and as a core.
However I use my MC200 as an endpoint.

I was wondering whether sound quality slightly improves when I separate the Core and the Storage. Is that so?
If that is indeed the case: How do I connect Roon to my Sooloos Library?

Best Regards, Niek

Not really, however separating the audio endpoint from the Core/Storage can be worthwhile. In Sooloos world that’s one of the reasons why adding an MS200 to a MC200 improved the sound, and the same applies to Roon.

You can use the MC200 just as a “NAS” for Roon by using its network share and then just create a new artist/album file structure for Roon, but honestly you probably better off just selling at some stage and getting a dedicated endpoint (Meridian or otherwise).

Hi Carl,

Thanks for yr prompt reply
Sorry to bother you again

This path for instance: SMB:\\Music\Music2 does not work

Best Regards, Niek

Hi again,

Have a read of the [Roon - How do I add my MC200 Sooloos library]
( topic over on the MeridianUnplugged site, esp. Ronnie’s post.

Thanks, I will try again and let you know

It works!
First impression is that SQ slightly improved. A further increase of SQ is experienced when I use the analogue output of my MC200 and feed it into my G91A