McIntosh DA1....DA2

(Dr. Adams) #1

For the last few years, some McIntosh products have had their DA1.

It has been advertised as being replaceable with a future update/upgrade.

The new pre-amp released has the DA2.

I contacted (perhaps the wrong person) at McIntosh to inquire as to when the DA2 would be available to current DA1 owners. The reply was that there were no plans to do so.

I was hopeful that someone has more/different information. Thank you in advance.


The DA1 module is permanently installed. You can not replace that. The DA2 module is a module that can be changed. Only DA2 modules can be exchanged for DAx modules in the future.

(Dr. Adams) #3

McIntosh said the DA2 Digital Audio Module will be available as a future upgrade for products incorporating the DA1, which includes the MA9000, MA8900, MA7200 and MA5300 integrated amplifiers, MAC7200 receiver, and C49 preamplifier.


This statement does not match my perception. Regardless of what is written there (wrongly): How to replace something, which is firmly installed on a board?

But you can of course believe what you want. Good luck with the upgrade of a D1.


I am trying to find out the Dac that is used in this upgrade. There is no info. I assume it is an ESS chip.

(Dr. Adams) #6

I find McIntosh customer outreach to be very good. When I first purchased my amplifier and asked a question about digital files, one of the higher-ups wrote a very long letter outlining the goals of the amplifier. He mentioned that the DA1 (a plug in module held in by two screws on the back) would be upgraded. He did not, of course, give a timeframe, and, at present, they have not disclosed when that will occur. Visually, from the outside, the DA1 and DA2 look very similar except for the HDMI for ARC on the newer module. I would imagine that if you wrote to Chuck Hinton or Jordan Smith, they can answer your questions. Perhaps, if they do so, you can reply back here. Hope that helps.