McIntosh MEN220

Is anyone using, have used or know someone with the McIntosh MEN220 room correction hardware? It has been on the market for 10 years. Thank you.

It has been about 10 years since I had one when I owned a all Mac system. If I remember correctly it was limited to 24/96 files.

Thank you; was not aware of the limitations. It is licensed from Steinway, but its lack of updating in ten years seemed a bit odd.

I’ve had one for the past five years. It was GREAT in my old listening room, which needed bass correction. My current listening room doesn’t need the MEN220; I may sell it. In some rooms it can make a profound difference for the better.

Matt. Just noticed your post. If you still have your 220 and are thinking of parting ways with it, please send me a note. I am in the market for one…

Audio Excellence Canada has a recent review and demo of the MEN 220. They made no mention of its having a resolution limitation. In either case, they also do not mention that it is 12 years old. I wrote McIntosh last year and asked if another model would be forthcoming, and they stated that they had no plans to do so (of course, they would not pre-announce).