MD600 as storage for Roon

I just purchased Roon, I read carefully the Meridian Audio conversations, and I did the following:

  1. Disable MD600 as core in my Sooloos system.

  2. Verify the MD600 is in the same network than Roon.

After that, I looked into preferences/storage and preferences/audio but I didn´t find my MD600.

I find my ID41 connected to my Meridian System

¿ Some ideas?


I don’t expect it to show in either.

The MD600 is not an endpoint (like the ID41), so won’t show up under settings/audio.
The storage part doesn’t automatically add locations, so you will need to add it.
Just use the ‘add folder’ button under ‘watched items’.

Try someting like \NAME_OR_IP_OF_MD600\Music if memory serves me well.

You have two options on using MD600 storage for Roon:

  • Re-using/sharing with Sooloos storage
  • Separate folder for Roon,just using the disk space.

There are several posts on Roon reading the Sooloos music folders directly. Success will depend on how you ripped and added in Sooloos.

I would appreciate links to “There are several posts on Roon reading the Sooloos music folders directly.” I have been unable to find these posts and I would like to use an MD600 for storage of Roon music (not stored via Sooloos - just used as a file storage mechanism). Although I can see the MD600 drive via Telnet, I cannot map a drive nor rip/store a file directly to the MD600. And if I can’t do this, I don’t know how to point Roon to use this as a storage for Roon music.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


disused MD600 owner here too. The OS is on a SATA dom supposedly (I have never opened mine up). You Could theoretically install FreeBSD/FreeNAS or linux on it if the CPU is intel based with sufficient RAM. But It is probably underpowered and only has two disk trays. There is no VGA output so you can’t watch the boot sequence. IMHO it is better to sell it and buy a generic BSD/linux file server.