Mea Culpa on this Heads up: Firmware D013B8 broke rca output volume control on my Mini-i Pro 3

I was wrong about this. My apologies to my fellow Roonies and to Matrix Audio.

Over the past two days, I had a chance to do more tests with different inputs available on mini-i pro 3 and the issue was with my gear and how I was trying to use it. Essentially, I was expecting to hear sound when the volume on the mini was at -50.0dB and I still didn’t get sound when increasing the volume to -40dB and I stopped there and went back to fixed output. If I had gone up to -35dB or higher, I would have begun to hear the audio as expected.

Below is my original post from 8/24. The finding below is false as I’ve explained above.

I updated the firmware on my mini-i pro 3 around a hour ago. The unit found that the latest firmware available was version D013B8.

After upgrading to this version, my mini-i pro wouldn’t output any audio on the RCA line-out when the attenuated volume control setting was enabled. The volume value displayed on Roon matched the volume set on the mini-i. So Roon was able to communicate with the unit and show the progress of the streaming track, but there was no audio.

As part of the troubleshooting process, I set the volume control to fixed and I was able to get audio again. Not sure if this is some peculiarity with my setup or hardware version V1414, but since what this firmware broke is such a crucial feature for some people. I wanted to get this warning posted on this forum.


Much appreciated, I will be avoiding the update for the meantime!

Bad news, unfortunate that youve ended up been the test case on this one.

Have you tried the “load defaults” option and power cycling the unit?

Can you test to see if ssme issue occurs on XLR outputs?

I just had a quick look on the Matrix community page and could not see any posts on this issue yet. Maybe make a post on there as matrix support are active on the boards.

I only use RCA on fixed outputs. If im feeling brave at the weekend i might run the update and see what happens. Ive had my unit freeze up a couple of times during update before and power cycling brings it back up.

Keep us posted, cheers :+1:

Edit to add:

Im already running this firmware - I assumed the one you referenced was a recent update, my bad.
My RCA output functions as normal. But as mentioned above, my unit froze temporarily when installing this last update.

Suggest Matrix Forum is a good place to start to get a fix on your issue.

I did mine about a month ago but not sure if I have really tested the analogue outputs on - just the HPA but I am pretty sure there would be issues rased by now and a fix available if it is indeed a firmware bug