Meaning of genre indication

what is the difference between these two indications or their function?cover

One’ a genre one’s a tag I think.

Just ask myself if both are needed

I wouldn’t think so. Tags are for marking things that aren’t already system identifed.

The blue one is a genre. Roon knows what a genre is and certain parts of its logic in radio, discovery for example will use that knowledge to alter the behavior of the app.

The green one is just a string of text. Roon has absolutely no idea that you think it is a genre and will not use it in that way in any part of it’s logic. It is useful for grouping and searching. Maybe there is something I don’t understand but I don’t think it serves any useful purpose to duplicate the name of a genre in a user defined tag.

I would almost think that the right (see photo, light green) is not necessary because with tagged own albums the left (blue) appears automatically. Conclusion would then be, when you add Tidal albums to your library then input the genre via ‘edit album(s)’, if you do not, I have noted that the added Tidal albums not appears after menu choice ‘albums’

I think there is a basic confusion here. The green button is not creating a genre tag. It is just not a genre even if you use the same name as a genre. So, yes, the way you are using the green tag does seem to serve no purpose. I use the green tags a lot but never for genres.

Hi @fernand_lambert,

As mentioned above, the green label comes from Roon Tags.

How you use these tags are up to you, but since you already have the Alternative/Indie Rock genre, you likely don’t need the tag applied.

I definitely recommend checking out the article linked above to learn more about tags!

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do. You seem to be creating a bunch of personal green tags that look exactly like blue “genre” tags. It doesn’t make any sense as you seem to realise yourself. If you want to create a blue tag that behaves like a genre you need to go to a completely different screen. You cannot do it from here. You need to go to the album editor:

Yes, I have done a lot of useless work.
unnecessary loading of the system

Should I delete it from from the ‘ARTIST’ also

It’s your roon so only you can make that decision but I would be inclined to say yes delete them. They are not doing any harm except when you expect them to behave like a genre and then they dont’. It is the same drill. If you want to add or delete blue genre tags you can do that from the artist screen. Not this one.

I actually use the green tags a lot but not for genres. It is for when I want to quickly bring up a screen full of related albums/artists that I want to categorize by a different criteria than a genre. A common use case for me is to create a “pseudo-boxset” of albums that are connected as far as I am concerned but may have many different genres.

Can you give an example, seems interesting

Well, “Jochum Complete, DG, Vol. 2” is not a genre

But it means I can have a box set display with individual artwork:

I also like to collect the giveaway discs on the front of favorite magazines. So “Rare Trax” is not a genre but they are connected as far as I am concerned and it means I can collect together some favorite disks and (usually) shuffle them.

There are many other things you can do. I often put a green decade tag with pop music like 80’s, 90’s etc. that are not really genres or even Baroque or Romantic with Classical music for example as I may want to display/play them as a group. So it is anything that does not fall easily into roon existing categories like genre, label, artist etc.

It depends. I do create Green User Tags that duplicate the name of a Roon Genre for two genres (Opera and Soundtracks), however, I do it for specific reasons.

I tag all my Opera records with an “Opera” User Tag because this gives me top level, nearly instant access to that genre. As a sub-genre, I’d have to go to Genre, Open Classical and then get to Opera. Additionally, on the other screens like Tracks or Composers, with an Opera Tag I can get 2 click access to all the opera tracks or filter composers.

Additionally, Roon and I may disagree on what should be in the actual genre. There maybe selections which have the Opera genre that I don’t feel should be in that genre. The other genre I tag is Soundtracks. Roon’s metadata is pretty sketchy on what is Film, what is Soundtrack, what is Soundtracks (Yes Roon is giving me both as different).

I could go through and edit every album to either include it or remove it from the genre. It is however much easier to just Tag those albums I want as Soundtracks. Also, I want to preserve where Roon and I differ which would be lost if I changed the data.

Finally, the bottom line is I know what will come back with my soundtrack tag. Roon’s applied genre’s may change as meta-data is updated.

I get your point. I use the green tags for much the same reason to get a more predictable search or quick access to things that I know are important to me. I hadn’t given it much thought but actually I don’t really use search at all. So it usually takes me at least 10 or 20 random clicks before roon starts playing something I like so I hadn’t thought of your use case.