Media center music and video

My set up is iMac5 as server hookup to a switch EtherREGEN in my listening room by optical cable and hookup by RJ45 to my amp/ DAC built-in and endpoint roon.

I was wondering to have a server only for my roon server and came across the idea of making a server to music and video, because I want to buy a video projector, to my listening room to watch cinema.

What it will be best for it? What your thoughts?

My PC/ Server is remote from my Listening room so physical noise is not an issue.

I am Windows but this applies to Mac

I have a good old fashioned tower PC I7, 7700, 16g RAM, 250 SSD, Then loads of HDD for content , 2x4 , 2x3 Tb. All connected Ethernet to a switch in the lounge

The key point is the SSD for the library and OS , and plenty of RAM

I run Roon and JRiver servers for Audio and Video respectively, they coexist and play nicely.

My video endpoint is a MyGica 1960, just a cheap set top Android TV , it comes with Kodi built in which sees the DLNA Server for Video, then HDMI to my sound bar and TV. Gives me 5,1 to the soundbar (Samsung HW950) I a not convinced on Atmos although the sound bar is capable

Hope this helps