Media gallery / Digital Booklet

2 questions / requests here.

  1. From the edit album UI it would be useful for us to add files, rather than adding it to storage and have Roon scan it. Roon could then also do this for Tidal albums we have added to our libraries. Today I can’t see a way of attaching media to Tidal albums. If a user wants to attach photos of a gig of the band they went to, and then look at them while they listen to the music, great.

  2. It would also be handy to create the metadata as media… so the album artwork, the credits, the lyrics etc - so for albums we don’t have a booklet for have Roon create a dynamic, virtual booklet which could be browsed inside Roon during playback (folks ask for lyrics during playback). For copyright purposes it could be unable to be exported.

Anyone got any thoughts?