Media Pack and Windows Server 2016

@support Is Media Pack installation a requirement for Windows Server 2016? I see this is a requirement for Windows Server 2012.
Thank you.

We require Media Foundation which comes standard with most versions of Windows, but which needs to be installed via the Media Pack for Windows N, Windows K, and the various versions of Windows Server.

There’s no media pack for server 2016.
Any workaround please?

This wont help?

And quote:

Hmm. Thanks so much.
It appears server 2016 already has media pack baked in.
I will give the install a try and report back.

@kayo good luck! Let us know.

@Tech_Whisky_Lab @support Happy to report that RoonServer installs effortlessly on Windows Server 2016.

Problem though is my Remotes can see the core but failing to connect. Pretty sure this is a firewall issue. Installed a remote on the same pc running the core and playback is great with little cpu overhead.

I have added Roon apps found in appdata/Local/RoonServer to firewall rules both inbound and outbound, no success. Can you please point me to which .exe or ports to added to firewall to allow my remotes to connect.



You need to fully disable the firewall.

As per the tutorial and quote:

Step 1: Press Windows key + X on your keyboard and click on Control Panel.
Step 2: Click on System and Security.
Step 3: Click on Windows Firewall.
Step 4: Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.[/quote]

Bless you!!
I turned it off only for my Private network.
I’m a happy camper. Much less processes running compared to Windows 10.

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@kayo, I am glad its all working now! :smiley: :+1:

@support Need to update the KB article to reflect that no media pack installation is needed for Windows Server 2016.
The only role I added is File and Storage services.
Installed driver for my graphics card, drivers for my dac and all is well.

hi Kayo
I am less handy than you are :slight_smile:
Can you tell us what exactly you did to make it work?
I dont understand your remark “It appears server 2016 already has media pack baked in.”
But more important it is your setup work with WS2016

What is your setup?