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Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.7 has memory leaks:

@Adam_Goodfellow I would love to use your extension but if it is injecting memory leaks I can not continue to use to cause instability in Roon. Is there any findings in the code that is causing this leak?

Hi @Adam_Goodfellow

I’ve noticed a memory leak issue myself. Build 790 running on my Synology NAS was up to 1.83Gb this morning which is around double the starting memory usage. I’d had the impression that the last couple of releases post the 1.8 debacle had been stable in terms of memory usage, but that impression may be false - just because the releases have been coming thick and fast. But have you determined whether or not the extension might be causing this issue?

I run Roon on ROCK on an intel NUC.

I have not seen signs of endless memory growth - physical and managed memory (or threads and handles) as far as I can determine from server log seems to have been fairly consistent over the past 6 weeks or so from a very quick skim through. Some operation (lots of browsing) will push it up a lot for a while as may be expected.

Memory use can change alot depending upon what you have been doing (easily suddenly consuming another 1GB or so). I cannot comment on how long it may take for memory to get released again after such operations as that is something only Roon developers will know and I have not been been hunting through logs to that degree - only enough to see that day to day/week to week I am not seeing consistent growth.

1.8GB doesnt seem out of place.

Thanks for your reply @Adam_Goodfellow. However, I know there’s something going on with Roon’s memory usage here which just increases over time. Below is the memory usage of the main apps running on my Synology right now. I restarted Roon yesterday:

And here’s the pattern of memory usage over the past month:

The most recent drop of 1Gb yesterday (around 12.5% of the available 8Gb) relates to the restarting of Roon. It’s not creeping up again yet, but that may well change over the days ahead. If there are any debug tools you’d suggest, please let me know - this isn’t something I’ve got the technical knowledge to tackle.

Think the memory leak problem isn’t to do with Deep Harmony

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