Memory usage on QNAP Core with large library

Hi Daniel. Thanks for your answer.
Yes I have a really big library. 390.000 songs, 26.844 albums (only 3 added from Qobuz).
However I have bought the 8 GB model.
So I really didn’t expect to see so many resources used.
What can I do?
I have already contacted Qnap helpdesk but they have addressed me to you.

Hi @Stefano_Donati,

Nearly 400K tracks is definitely quite large! It’s definitely one of the bigger libraries that we’ve seen.

When it comes to libraries of that size, it can definitely be more demanding on hardware. If possible I’d recommend increasing the amount of RAM available in this machine.

A NAS is not a good platform for this size of library. Others may disagree but IMHO you should rethink your decision to run roon on your QNAP. Everybody I’ve seen in the roon community with a library size approaching or exceeding yours has Nucleus+ a maxed out windows pc or a beefy Nuc/Rock.

If I buy a Nucleus do you think I could really use Roon without problems? and If I add SSD memory in my Nas I can have better performance?

It is not possibile add Ram in my Nas.
I have only 2 slots free for SSD memory

Take a look at this discussion:

The original poster was asking whether a Nucleus+ could handle a 150K track library.

@danny (Roon COO) answered


I run Roon on my QNAP but that library is over 3x the size of mine.

As others have said, that is going to be a severe stretch on that platform.

By the way @dylan, Roon still has a persistent memory leak that means the core goes from 1.4GB to over 3GB over time. It’s never been resolved over various releases.

@Stefano_Donati, I would recommend a weekly core restart as well just in case you are suffering with this memory leak.

Yes I see the leak of memory too.
I start with 4,5 Ram used but in a little time I see an increase

This seem to sport a pretty old AMD processor, correct? (AMD R-serien RX-421ND) That seems like a challenge to run a 400K track library around.

You mentioned something about not having Roon Core DB on an SSD, or rather that the QNAP only has spinning disks. That doesn’t really gel with a library bigger than 10K tracks in my book.

And finally, you say that “cataloging is finished”, but has the audio analysis finished?
(Settings-Library-Audio analysis)

IMHO, that device isn’t up to running Roon core for a library that size. You could go with a Nucleus + and 16 gb,. Or, save some money and out together an i7 NUC with 16 gb and load Rock into it.

Hi! Mikael.
Yes I was thinking to install some SSD memory. The Qnap has 2 slots and the assistance has told me that can improve the system.
No, the audio analysis is not over. I think it will take several months to accomplish the task.
After 15 days has analyzed 10.000 songs of the 400.00.
However I have switched off the function along with almost all the processes of the Nas.
Now I have a Ram use around 65//70%. after a few days the use raise so I restart the core.
Sure it’s not a the best way to experience Roon.

Thanks Daniel! I didnt know what Nuc was. Seems an interesting option. I will study on that. It works well? I was thinking on Nucleus + but it isn’t a cheap choice.

What does it mean “load Rock on it”?

What about a Mac Mini? Seems to me, especially the new model, that could be a good and useful choice.

Stefano, by “loading/installing ROCK” you basically achive the same functionality as with a Nucleus+, albeit with a fan that occasionally will make some noise. Very simple and maintenance free, once up and running. But you need to go the NUC route, a Macmini won’t run ROCK easily.

Thank Mikeal, but Rock what is? a Software?
The fan and its noise is an issue that was thinking about.

Just a question.
I have to have a display for using a NUC?
Or how I can manage it?

Thank you for your help.

Rock is the version of the Roon operating system optimized for NUCs. See here:

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After setting up, no, the few options are available in a web based user interface. But once set up, it becomes an ”appliance”, ready to tuck away if you prefer it being out of sight and hearing!

ROCK is RoonOS with RoonServer, available as a system install. You download it and burn it onto a flash drive and then install it on the NUC, like you would install an OS.

Thank you very much