Memory usage on QNAP Core with large library

ROCK is RoonOS with RoonServer, available as a system install. You download it and burn it onto a flash drive and then install it on the NUC, like you would install an OS.

Thank you very much

Hi Mikael!
Just for information.
I have contacted a retailer for a Nuc.
He has said, against his interest, that the product, especially the latest versions with a lot of Ram, is unstable and with many problems.
He has not suggested other products.
I don’t know if some other costumer has experienced some of the same issues.
However I think that this could be an useful information.
Thank again for your help.

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If I had a friend in this situation, I’d suggest they call/email Small Green Computers and talk to Andrew Gillis. Their SonicTransporter i9 may be a suitable solution for you.
It seems once people get up to these very large libraries they should not be casual about hardware selection. Consideration of memory, NVMe drives, CPU and how your library is stored become important.
Roon is great, but you can’t actually have a real conversation with them. Your dealer is not an asset here either. Andrew Gillis is part of the Roon Community (@agillis), knows Roon well, and offers great support. @Craig_Palmer’s post earlier in this thread shows Roon’s respect for this company.

Yeah fan noise is always a problem with off the shelf NUC boxes. Our sonicTransporter i9 is fanless and uses a i9-9900 desktop processor. This is much more powerful then the laptop processor used in an NUC.

Hi Andrew!
Thank for your advice.
I have take a look at sonic trasporter i9.
Seem to me an interesting product.
But let me be straight.
I was checking for a Nuc for save some money.
But if I have to spend over 2000 euro why I have to choose an i9 over a Nucleus? Which are the advantages?

Here a list.

  1. soincTransporter i9 is fanless NUC is not
  2. soincTransporter i9 is much faster then an NUC
  3. soincTransporter i9 is a plug an play appliance with email and phone support not a DIY project

The server that Andrew is suggesting is using a desktop CPU. Intel NUCs, which include the Nucleus+ (which is an i7), are based around laptop CPUs. Desktop CPUs are faster than the laptop equivalents and use more energy and create more heat.

So, would you excuse me, which are the advantages of SonicTranspoter i9 over the Roon Nucleus?
It is faster? But it produce more heat?
It is not still clear to me why I have to pick SonicTranspoter instead of Roon Nucleus.

It was clear to me why SonicTranporter is better then Nuc.
But I asked why to choose SonicTranspoter instead of Roon Nucleus.

Because a nucleus is a nuc. Just in a different case and with customisations to know it hasn’t got a fan.

The sonicTransporter i9 is much faster.

Stefano, if you’re already running a NAS with the core on it, why are you concerned about fan noise?

Either the NUC will go where the NAS is, outside the listening environment, or if the noise of a TS473 doesn’t bother you today, the noise from a NUC won’t either.

Ok that is interesting.
Is it available in italy?
And there’s some retailer to contact?

Even with the core the Nas doesn’t have problem with the fan.
Beside the fan it is not a big deal for me, however I don’t want things too hot in my house.

I just don’t think a NUC is going to be noisier than your QNAP.

Yes we ship all products worldwide.

You can order online at

The i9 does not get hot unless you are doing something like DSD 512 upsampling.

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