Memory usage on Synology NAS

I have had to restart the Roon service on my Synology DS920+ NAS several times. I get performance issues from Roon (slow to connect, skips tracks) and when I look the NAS is using over 90% of RAM. Restarting the service will clear the problem for a few days. I have increased my RAM from 4gb to 8gb but this simply delays the inevitable. This would appear to point to a memory leak in the Roon Service.
I am using the latest version of the service (2021-03-08) on DSM 6.2.4-25556

Can confirm this with a 1517+. 16GB of RAM so my grace period is even bigger. But the pattern is the same: the longer Roon is running the more RAM gets drained.

It’s strange, I’m not seeing this issue with my RS3617xs. 12% RAM usage (32GB installed). Roon has been running 24/7 since the last update.

Same thing on my DS718+ upgraded to 8Gb of RAM.
Roon server easily goes over 4Gb in a matter of days.
Is this normal?

I’ve found a satisfactory workaround for the issue with two scheduled tasks in DSM to stop and then start the Roon service at 03:00 every night. This has the secondary benefit of stopping any radio streaming I may have forgotten to stop before bed, which saves KPIG a few cents. I run Roon happily on a DS718+ upgraded to 8Gb of memory, 30K local tracks in the library.


I came here to post about the same problem and found this thread. Roon core on Synology “eats” memory over time. I have to restart Roon from time to time. It looks like there is a development of a new package for DSM7. Maybe it will be better…