Merge artists | Artist shown multiple times

The artist “Minute Taker” is shown 3 times in my library. One tiime the artist has no albums, one time the artist has my local library albums, and one time it shows the TIDAL album releases. How can I get ROON to list these as one artist instead of 3?

In artists view, click and hold to select multiple artists, then choose Merge (top right).

In “Artists” view I had 2 artists “Minute Taker”, one from my local library and one from TIDAL. I was able to merge these 2 using the method @mikeb described. However if I search for “Minute Taker” I still get “Minute Taker” two times (3 if you include “featuring”), with one “Minute Taker” showing zero tracks/albums. What could be causing this issue?

Do you have albums by the Minute Tacker artist you framed in red in your library? I’m guessing you don’t, because of that, that artist entity wasn’t included in the ones that you merged.

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