Merging Hapi with Roon Rocks Server?

Roon Core Machine

Win10 or Winserver 2019 with PC Roon - Acourate Convolver- Merging Hapi -8+Channel Tube Amplifiers

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Merging Hapi connected through Ravenna Lan to Audio Pc

Connected Audio Devices

Audio PC connects to Merging Hapi DAC through 8-Channel DELL-Hub

Number of Tracks in Library

20.000 tracks in library on 2TB SSD

Description of Issue

The system works well with Win10 or Winserver 2019. But I would like to switch to Roon-Rocks based on Linux. I know that Merging NADAC is using Rock and Roon. My question: did somebody tried to connect Merging Hapi to Rocks? There exist an ALSA Linux driver for Linux but am unable to install it. Any help will be appreciated
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Merging doesnt use ROCK stock. They have a custom RoonOS build on the NADAC+PLAYER. It’s similar to ROCK, as ROCK is also RoonOS, but I want to clarify that it is indeed special and they do have permission to do this.

Theoretically, this can work, but we don’t have a good way to turn on/ship the RAVENNA drivers. You will probably need to run Ubuntu or something until we solve this.

thank you very much for your answer. As Hapi and Horus are very similar to Nadac I thought that it can’t be so difficult to implement the ALSA driver into Rock. You clarified what is the actual situation. Will there be a chance in the future that Hapi can be used with Roon-Rock? I would be very happy if I could use Linux instead of this big Windows!
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