Meridian 210 No Volume Control

Does anyone know if its possible to control the volume from Roon streaming to the Meridian 210?

I have the following setting:
Volume Levelling = off
Volume Control = Device Volume

I can move the volume slider up and down, but the volume stays at the maximum level.

I have also checked on the meridian app but cant see anything in the settings.

Thanks in advance.

I have a Meridian 218 and control volume in Roon via Roon, Meridian app and MSR+ Remote.
I would think you would be able to do the same

I didn’t think the 210 had any volume control? Surely it just outputs a digital signal from the stream ? Maybe I’m wrong though.

You could be correct, my DSP speakers are probably providing the volume control.

What downstream gear is your 210 connected to? It is possible to use DSP volume control in Roon, but this method causes a loss in resolution (at the DAC) at anything less than full signal digital.

Im using an Audio Note DAC2.1x, Ive tried other streamers like the Bluesound and Aries and even PI Hats with no issue, the DSP volume works no problem with them. Sadly this will discount the streamer as I need the volume function in Roon as my amp, Audio Note Soro, is not remote controlled.

It doesnt have a digital volume control like Bluesound as it has no DAC module, but you can use DSP but as Joel says at some loss of resolution that can’t be got around.

I own a Meridian 210, and do not experience any problems whatsoever in controlling its volume within Roon via my iPad.

Do you have Meridian DSP loudspeakers connected to it?

I gave up in the end and sent it back as there doesnt seem to be anyway to get this to work and the sound quality was not there for me.