Meridian 210 or alternatives

I am looking for a Roon Endpoint/Bridge to connect to my DAC via Coax my budget is £800-£1000. I was looking at the Meridian 210, but was wondering if any can recommend it or any alternatives to consider?

I use a 210 and it’s great. Sound quality is superb, at least in the context of Meridian DSPs. I was previously using an Aries Mini and this is a good step up.

[…and when I was using the Aries Mini I also borrowed an Aries G1 for two weeks and I couldn’t;t really tell the difference. Which was weird, I must admit, but then maybe a quirk of feeding a Meridian system, no idea. I was all set to buy one before I had it…]

What is your DAC? You should be aware that the 210 is only 96k-capable.

Its interesting that you preferred the Meridian over the Aries mini, I borrowed an Aries mini and whilst it sounded good and the sound stage was impressive, I found it too digital sounding at times.
Im going to try an borrow a Meridian 210 next to see what I think.

I have an Audio Note 2.1x Signature, so 96/24 is fine for me.

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