Meridian 218 disappears from Roon Audio preferences

Hello all,
I just changed my internet provider that installed a new router in my place.
I can reach M218 using a browser and tapping its new assigned DHCP IP direction.
But when I launch Roon I can only see the M218 in Audio preferences during some seconds and then disappears.
I have the M218 connected to a switch, and the switch connected to the new router, due to past problems with the prior internet provider/router that I resolved introducing the switch in the ethernet network.
Could you help me with this ?

Hi, have you checked the igmp setting in the advanced router settings? Used to be anissue with Sooloos settings?

Hello Happycy,

I can see the router settings and the M218 is identified as an ethernet device connected to the router.

But I cannot access to the igmp settings.

So, i see the M218 connected to the router but I cannot see it as a Roon audio device


Hello all,

I think I found a solution: it is to just eliminate the switch between the router and the M218.

What with the prior router was the solution it now seems it was the problem.


Hi, jagoras. Disabling IGMP proxying can be fount under “WAN Setup” in the “Setup” menu of a Netgear type router for example. Looks like though there is another culprit and if it’s working now great! Networking is a baffling world for non-techies (like me)!

Thank you very much Happycy.

Now I have discovered that the solution I found is useless:

Every 2 minutes the M218 drops from the network 2-3 seconds, interrupting the music.

No clue on this