Meridian 218 Vs 210

Been using the 218 for a couple of days via coaxial digital out to Devialet D Premier. Sounding good.

Looking at also trying a 210 as it’s Roon Ready rather than tested.

Anyone compared the 218 against the 210 sound quality wise (obviously using the coaxial digital output? Any Roon related functionality advantages to consider?

Finally, the digital coaxial output on the 218 (roon tested) is fixed level and changes made to volume using Roon have no effect. Am I correct in thinking the 210 (roon ready) behaves the same when used as a Roon endpoint?

Thank you.

If you have other zones with Roon Ready endpoints the 210 should sync with them and the 218 will not.
If you have other Meridian zones, the 218 will sync with those but the 210 will not.

I use a 218 with DSP SE speakers and have other Meridian MS200 zones with which I can sync.

Thank Chris.

I’d also be interested to hear any comments/feedback on any potential audio quality enhancements by using a 210 rather than 218 given that is Roon Ready and a more up to date unit and also the question with regard to the digital coaxial output quality.

The 210 does not have a DAC so I’m not seeing how a volume control could be implemented. Obviously, you can have fixed or variable volume control on the analogue outputs of the 218.

Thanks Paul. I meant to say the ability to alter the volume via Roon.

Ah, yes I see. Presumably your only choice there would be Digital attenuation in Roon using the DSP volume in device set up then? The least desirable way to achieve it, but I’ve never used it in my installation so I couldn’t comment on the effects. I did run a 218 for a good while, but that was via speakerlink into DSP 3200s.

I own both the 210 and the 218. The latter is connected to other Meridian components, such as CD and Radio, while the former is utilised as a streamer.

There is little, if any, discernible sound difference between the 210 and 218.