Meridian endpoint will not be recognized


I just installed Roon on my MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately Roon does not discover my Meridian 861 V8 with ID41 and therefore I am unable to play any music. Please advise.

sorry i can not help you but i also got a 861v8/id41 and im trying to install the server part of Roon on my server so i will try this soon.

Hi @pbarnewi Do you have a Meridian core device active on your network? A Roon core and Meridian core can’t exist in parallel until we have the required support we need from Meridian. You can read more about that here. Try turning off your Meridian core and relaunching Roon, this should work for you!

No my Meridian Core a C10 is not active!

Can you confirm that your 861 lives on the same network as your Roon install? And let’s be totally sure that C10 is turned off, and Roon was recently restarted. We have plenty of people using Meridian gear with Roon, so I’d be curious to see what’s going on here. Let’s have you confirm the above, and if the issue is persisting I will follow up with you via PM to grab more information about your set. Thanks for your patience Peter!


My Macbook and the 861 are on the same network. The C10 is turned off and I did restart Roon twice. Same result…

Ok, I’ll PM you shortly!

It works fine on my ID40 (on 861V6), even with the MC200 in the network as core.
However, did need to go to settings\audio and then scroll all the way down to enable the device.
It did not show in the ‘device dropdown’ until I did that.

Yeah, my experience is that Roon will always pick up the endpoint, but Sooloos will lose it.

Check Roon has it, it doesn’t show up on my MC200 core anymore.
Roon rules I guess…

Just out of curiosity I did turn my C10 on and off and restarted Roon after doing that Roon did recognize the ID41. Will try again tomorrow morning if Roon will remember the ID41.

I did switch off my 861 and closed Roon. After switching on the 861 and restarting Roon the ID41 was not found again!

Do I really have to switch on and off my C10 before Roon will recognize the ID41? Any ideas?

Nope! You just have to keep it turned off. It sounds like it’s stealing zones from Roon, I’ll have those instructions to send in your logs to us for you in just a minute, stand by…