Meridian MC600, no files on disk

I bought a Meridian MC600 from a friend, where one of the hard drives is broken. I have replaced that disk (with the same type and size), but still i can not see the contents of the disks. My friend said there were music files on the discs. I use the Sooloos web interface to log in, but no content is displayed there. How do I upload files to the disk on the MC600?
I try to click on the link in the web interface, to load with PC control, but get the following error message “Sooloos updates are currently downloading. Please try again later”.
Is it possible to use the MC600 as storage in a Roon system?

I have found the solution to the problems with the hard drive. It took a very long time for the MC 600 to update the program and disks in the Raid configuration. So now I have been able to download the PC control program. But my last question remains. Can the MC600 be used as a storage folder for Roon music files?

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