Meridian MS200 issue

I have just bought a MS200 on eBay and I am having issues getting it to work! I am trying to use the analog output but cannot get any sound. Roon seems to think the device is connected and playing fine. The device setup page is set to variable analog output. I have tested the new cable and that seems to work fine. Any suggestions of things to try?

Thanks in advance


If I recall correctly, the to switch the MS200 to analogue out you need to use the web interface to change it from defaulting to optical as they share the same connection. I cant verify that it works as I have mine setup using the optical out and have not needed to switch to analogue. The MS200 manual is available on the Meridian website.

Thanks Rhys. There is no option to specifically switch between the optical and analog outputs in the menu. You just have the option for fixed or variable analog outputs or 1x, 2x or direct on the digital output. Bizarrely as a last resort I decided to reboot my rooncore and that seems to have cleared up the issue… I have no idea why but all is working now.

Thanks again for the help.


I run an MS200 using the analogue output direct to a Quad 405-2 - here are my Audio output settings:

And the Speaker configuration: