Meridian MS600 - volume control/ on off not working

Hi All

Apologies if in the wrong category.

Wondering if any light can be shared on this.

I am running Roon (up to date version) on my Mac Mini. Did an update today on all devices.

I’ve rebooted Roon post the update.

I’ve got an MS600 wired on the network and as of today and the last update (it would seem), I’ve lost the ability to adjust the system volume from my iPad Roon App and main Roon Mac mini interface.

I have sound and normal behaviour otherwise ie I can pick tracks, no playback issues etc.

So to recap;

MS600 speakerlink out to G65 spearkerlink in.

I’ve also added back in the legacy master/slave comms lead, out of MS600 to the G65.

The system volume works as expected via the G65 volume control and MSR.

You can see the increase / decrease in the volume values in the app, when using the MSR remote or G65 volume knob.

When I try in the app to change the volume, via the slider, or up and down volume buttons, the volume values change but the G65 volume remains fixed at its last volume setting. The same issue happens when trying to change the volume via my Mac mini interface.

Any ideas, have I done something wrong?

Thanks in advance

Ps I should be able to rig my 861 ID40 later and see what happens.

Right issue gone. Re booted the MS600, removed the older comms, reinserted the speakerlink connections…and all good ie app volume control buttons and slider behaving as expected, as well as the unit going in and out of standby!