Meridian New Ultra DAC

Cool, Meridian new DAC not only support MQA and PCM but also DSD! Check it out…

Cool price too. GBP 15000, USD 23000!

Looks like a great box. I’ll be sure to consider it next time I’m buying a car.


818v3 and 808v6 already support DSD.

But none of the three support it using LAN streaming.

8x8 = DSD64 over DoP (USB and coax SPDIF)
Ultra = DSD64 (USB and coax SPDIF) and DSD128 over DoP (USB)

Had a quick look at the specs (BNC 750 Ohm? Really?), fel a Little Congress.
Ethernet for Sooloos (as expected); RAAT support?
In what way is the Ultra DAC usable with Roon?

Sorry, my iPhone made “feel a little confused” into something about Congress

Roon can be used with all current Meridian streaming/Sooloos devices. So it can be used with the Meridian Ultra. But only to the maximum spec of the old Sooloos protocol: 24/96.

RAAT support? No. (And no Ravenna support either.)

They’d need to redo some core stuff in the streaming protocol to support this. It’s weird they didn’t upgrade the internals of this box to make it Roon Ready capable.