Meridian SE speaker sample rate limit via Roon

I understand from Meridians web site, that SE variants of their speakers can accept 192Khz signals.
Looking at the advanced settings in Roon, this option is not available

Is this something that can be addressed or have I not understood correctly?

Iirc the input on these is 24/96 so Roon is doing the correct thing.

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The key words in the text are ‘rendered at’, ie the 96kHz MQA input is rendered internally within the SE electronics to 192kHz rather than received at 192kHz.

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I see, that’s what I thought but wanted to be sure…

Confirmed. I actually tried sending 192k SPDIF from a Squeezebox Touch w/EDO to my SEs (with latest firmware) and had no joy.

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Actually Chris, your 218 will accept 192k over its coax input (and use it with the internal DAC), but will down-sample to send on to DSP speakers. The Meridian Sooloos streaming maxes out at 96k, which is why you are seeing that in Roon config.

Thanks for the clarity there. I don’t have much 192 material any ways so I don’t think I’m missing much but it’s nice to know what’s going on…

So that means that only 96 or below MQA is sent to the speaker; and it is doing the render/upsample to a target rate? Or are Meridian speakers just displaying the ORFS and not representative of the actual processing rate?

MQA Core (2x sample rate) is all that needs to be sent to the renderer. As to what the DACs render at, in general, that is completely down to the hardware implementation:

  • 96k ORFS can be rendered at 192k.
  • 192k ORFS can be rendered at 96k.

Neither is right or wrong. A DAC absolutely does not have to render at the ORFS and, most of the time, it won’t.

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Yep. Sooloos limited to 96. With Roon Nucleus + into 818 DAC via USB, you can get up to 352 K on Meridian 7200 SE