Meridian Sooloos Endpoints not playing

Forgive me if this is posted elsewhere but I have been unable to find an answer. I have installed Roon on an Apple Mac and also a Windows PC. Both of them recognize my sooloos system (Ensemble as the core, Control 15 as the interface, music stored on a QNap NAS drive). Roon has recognized all of the devices and I have selected them as the output. Just to be safe, I grouped all of the devices together so I would know I was in the correct zone. I select the song to play and it appears to start, but it does not play. In the queue window, the time track does not move. In the zones window, it appears to be playing (the title is there and the mini eq is moving.

Did you disable your Meridian Sooloos System Core? It is incompatible with Roon.

@clay did you get this straightened out?

Hi Danny,
No, I didn’t know that. I’ll try when I get back in town. Thanks! So will my other interfaces (C15, phone and ipad still operate it without the core being enabled or do i need to switch back when not using Room?)

Roon + Sooloos Core don’t work right now, and its a bug we’ve filed with Meridian. The core steals the audio device away from Roon right after we connect to it and won’t let us control it. They will fix it at their own priority :frowning:

In the meanwhile, if you disable the Sooloos Core, Roon will work with the storage and endpoints you currently have.

If you want to use your Sooloos interfaces again, you must re-enable the Sooloos Core.

And how do you disable the Soolos Core to try Roon??

Found it, however it still doesn’t work to play to the MC200 for me. Nothing happens.

Have you used Sooloos config on a Windows PC to disable Sooloos core ? Does Roon find the MC200 and have you then enabled the MC200 as an audio zone in Roon ?

Yes, yes and yes. It does find it. I tried with the core disabled and enabled but same result, nothing.
When I play to the Explorer 2, to my Sony Airplay speaker or just on the PC itself it works fine and I can see the progress bar moving through the song. That does not happen when I play to the MC200. It’s frozen.

Hi Sineira

Did you find a solution, I have the same issue with my MC200 without using Roon.

Any help would be appreciated.