Meridian upgrades speaker firmware for MQA

Version 3.16 implements MQA rendering for DSP8000.2, DSP7200.2 and DSP5200.2 from a MHR (Meridian) source, as well as for all Special Edition speakers from any MQA decoder. As a result, I can do the first unfold in Roon, use DSP processing (room correction in my case), and then forward the MQA signaling information from my Allo endpoint to the speakers for final unfold.


I just had 3.16 installed, in an all-Meridian system (218 + DSP7200SE), but in my case it doesn’t work that way. The idea was also to use DSP processing (Acourate room correction), and then forward the MQA signaling information from my 218 endpoint to the speakers for final unfold. The new 3.16 firmware won’t allow that. Bummer.

@Peter_Overbosch I suspect that we need to wait for updated Meridian controller updates… I’m in the same boat with my 818…

To be clear:
Meridian has announced that they will issue firmware updates for 808, 818, 218 and 251 in the future which will allow for DSP between the first unfold in Roon and the final rendering in your 3.16 upgraded speakers.

Someday. Not yet.

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Took delivery of my 818v3 last week, with the new 4.14 firmware, playing to 7200SE speakers with 3.16 firmware. No DSP between the first unfold in Roon and the final rendering in the 3.16 upgraded speakers. Unfortunately. Someday perhaps. Not yet.

I don’t know what you mean by this.

I am currently running first unfold in Roon + DSP in Roon, into my 818v3’s ID41, then into my 8kSEs. 8kSEs display “OFs”, showing that they are indeed rendering. 818v3 also shows “OFs”.

That is precisely what I would want, but it doesn’t seem work that way in my setup. Things are very similar: running first unfold in Roon + DSP in Roon, into my 818v3’s ID41 (firmware 4.14), then into my 7200SEs (firmware 3.16). Tried MQA 96 and MQA 192, but in all cases what I see is MHR 96 - MQA or non-MQA. There is no mention of “OFs”. I am very happy to learn that it can work, just need to figure out how in my situation.

If you get your MQA files through Tidal, note that Tidal has said “Loudness normalization” (in their streaming settings) should be turned OFF for MQA listeners following a recent update by the service.

Tried that (thanks for the suggestion) but it doesn’t make any difference. I have tried a number of settings now, switching off everything not absolutely needed and experimenting with various settings under “DSP” in Roon, but there is no way I can get to an “OFs” situation. Without DSP the MQA process seems to run just fine - and is indicated as such on my 7200SEs - but with DSP in the loop things just revert to MHR. Maybe Meridian support has a suggestion, I will try that now.

One final thing. Is your 818v3 set up correctly for DSP speakers? You need the following settings:

  • Fixed volume.
  • MHR = Yes.
  • Speakerlink support = Yes.

Thanks for the suggestions. I set fixed volume in Roon (that is new for me) and I looked for MHR and Speakerlink support in MConfig - did not find a direct reference there, but my speakers are connected through speakerlink and MConfig clearly reflects that. MHR is also clearly supported.
As mentioned, the fixed volume (in Roon) was a new setting to me, but it still does not give me OFs.
In the meantime I have also reached out to Meridian support.
Thanks again, Peter

In the meantime I have found these settings in the 818 setup menu:

  • Fixed volume.
  • MHR = Yes.
  • Speakerlink support = Yes.
    So thanks again - but still no OFs. Waiting for Meridian support.

@Peter_Overbosch did you get any feedback from Meridian. I am in the same boat as you - just had my 808v6 and 8kSEs updated to 4.14 and 3.16 respectively but with DSP on Roon I only get PCM 96k displayed on the 808 and MHR 96k on the 8ks. I cannot get OFs to display anywhere. If I turn DSP off then then I get the MQA. display as normal.

@hecd2, no, nothing from Meridian. I am happy to see that I am not alone in this, but still disappointed about the situation and of course about the lack of response by Meridian. My situation is exactly as you describe - no OFs, but if I turn DSP off then I get MQA OK. In my case I have a subwoofer running in parallel to my DSP7200SEs (you probably don’t need that with the 8Ks) and I use DSP room correction to help integrate everything. That means no MQA or OFs. Too bad.

@hecd2 Please can you post a screenshot of your Roon signal path when it’s not working?

@joel please see below. If I turn the parametric eq on I get this: with PCM 96k on the 808 and MHR 96k on the 8ks:

If I turn it off I get this with PCM 48k on the 808 and MQA. 96k on the 8ks:

Both signal paths look correct. The question is why your 808v6 is not recognizing the renderable stream.

Have you verified manually that the firmware versions are indeed as they are supposed to be?

Both show the correct version number if I press ‘display’ on the remote in standby. Is that what you mean by manually?


I could be wrong, but this feels like a Meridian firmware issue to me. I know that the 818v3 firmware is working for me with Roon DSP and signalling information preserved and restored.

I assume the 808/ID41 is set to “Decoder and Renderer”?

I’d be interested to see what happens if you set it to “Renderer Only” with DSP off.

@john Is there anything else we can try here?