Meta Data in Roon


I have all my music stored as WAV files except for some iTunes, flac and DSD downloads. For the most part it did a good job of importing but I have a lot of unknown artists. Looks like I will have to do a lot of manual finds to clean up the library since I am using WAV.

What I do not understand is why a high percentage of my WAV files are properly tagged but others are left as unknown artist and stored in ROON like as an Album with the name like “Aerosmith/Greatest Hits” with the artist unknown… but another WAV album is properly captured and stored with proper album and artist name.


I have had the same problem with FLAC files from ‘unknown’ to the major industry Artists.
Roon picks them out as something random.
For me, I have gone through looking for anything unfamiliar and then re identifying the albums and going back to basic data. It’s a great reward when something previously lost re appears. I know they exist as I can find them in my hard drive. Perhaps they could be flagged there for Roon not to identify.
I wish Roon didn’t guess at these albums.
A problem Roon will always have is that so much great music by independent artists is not, nor never will be, in the major data basses.
Another Chris

Is that the actual file name or the directory structure? If it is the file name then the “/” might be the offending part. Try a space instead and re-scan that album. A “!” causes similar issues like for The Clash’s “Sandinista!”.

So then Jeb! will cause problems?

“Aerosmith/Greatest Hits” is a directory structure. Everything on my drive is stored as Artist as the root folder then the album would be the next level then the .wav files are stored at the album folder level. JRiver and SONOs correctly read the structure and my wav files have the most basic metadata with artist and album information. SONOS is able to create a library for this. JRiver also has zero missing albums are artist names. I am wondering what is causing so many to not be tagged with the correct album and artist name in ROON and instead storing like "“Aerosmith/Greatest Hits?”

I am not sure what is different in my library to be getting such inconsistent results in ROON but SONOS and JRIVER are able to handle with no artist or album dropouts on the same library of data?


Yes, most of the special characters in the album artist or album name will result in an unidentified album. Had the same with Aerosmith and the album Oh, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits or with all albums from Godspeed! You Black Emperor.

Also noticed that sometimes roon trips for some reason on extra info behind the album name. I have extra info stored between [ ] , like [24-96] and or version info of the album. In a lot of cases this is picked up correctly, but sometimes roon cannot identify. Currently have no example anymore.