Metadata: AllMusic vs MusicBrainz

I don’t see this mentioned but when you add this album from Qobuz, roon just concatenates the 1915 and 1919 versions.

Personally I would prefer to group both versions (different from the OP) but have some means of distinguishing them in the WORK title (as the OP).

Out of curiosity: was this ever resolved?

No, not really. Roon still refused to pull the metadata from MusicBrainz and the fix in AllMusic wasn’t really good enough. Honestly, I gave up trying to get classical metadata fixed, just wasn’t going to happen. In fact, one day I came to the realization that I was spending more time fighting with my library metadata than I was actually listening to music. As a result I gave up on Roon and returned to using other music players/organizers. I do miss the Roon App but at least I’m listening to more music again. Thanks for asking.


Hi had the same issue and resolved it using the new SECTION field aimed at capturing Acts in an Opera for example (Act 1, …). In your case, you still have one Symphony 5 work, but section 1 will be “Original 1915 Version” and Section 2 “Final 1919 Version”. Using Yate to do the mapping job. This will allow to visually identify both versions un Symphony 5 work, but that will not resolve your counting issue just because does not make any difference between the 2 versions of that Symphony.

That’s a good work around for some but I don’t believe it works for streaming content (e.g. Qobuz) as you cannot edit SECTION. There are only very limited editing features available for streaming content. So there are even more basic problems that are still happening with very significant numbers of Qobuz albums.

For example, there is no way to edit WORK/PART tags for imported Qobuz albums when roon has got the composition hierarchy wrong. There is also no way to force roon to recognise a work as a composition because there is no way to put the cannonical composition name in the WORK tag. It doesn’t matter if the track has a composer, it doesn’t matter what you do. Roon’s handling of Qobuz Classical metatdata was vastly improved in the last release but there are still significant numbers of these composition hierarchy and composition identification issues to be really, really annoying. Far, far from solved in the last release.

Getting back to the Sibelius. There seems to have been a one off fix in meta-data that doesn’t really solve anything:

So now there are two versions of the Symphony 5 but the WORK title doesn’t reflect the different scores. Instead they seem to be distinguished by the performance dates and the PART names. The only way to know which one is the 1919 version is because it is the one with no score information. That is just plain silly. What is the point of half-done irritating one-off solutions like this? It is not a general solution and something slightly different will have to be done for the next case (and there are many).

The basic problem to be solved is that it is extremely common in Classical for WORKS that many would like to be grouped together have different scores, instrumentation, orchestration, arrangement etc. What would be better is to break the link between the WORK name (description) and the WORK object (canonical name) so there is a completely general solution for grouping these sorts of works.

I added several albums to musicbrainz and made sure artist and performers are correct and are now fighting Roon and Allmusic with bad metadata :-1:

Why doesn’t Roon list all albums from both MB and Allmusic in the identify option so the user can choose which one to use.

Metadata from music lovers them self is the preferred choice and not such an ad business like Allmusic.

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